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Follow-up with my post from last night

My mom must have caught wind that what she said about me having another boy really upset me. Matt said he didn’t say anything to her, but I’m guessing she came around on her own. We went shopping today and she bought Mason and the new baby, a cute matching outfit. She also bought the baby a bunch of cute Superman stuff to wear. I feel a lot better now and I’m glad she is treating this baby just as special. I appreciate all your thoughts and kind words..those of you who commented on that post.

First purchase for my new little guy❤️ He has plenty of clothes in awesome shape from his big brother, but I can’t help shopping for new baby things😁

I woke up today feeling overwhelmed with happiness. I couldn’t imagine NOT being pregnant with this baby boy. I have also picked out the name Riley James and it is 99.9% going to happen since Matt really likes it too and Mason talks about “baby Riley” all the time already!

So I need to have a super serious vent session

I’m not proud of this. I feel horrible about it. Yesterday I went and found out that we are having another boy. I went into this pregnancy gender neutral because I didn’t care what we got. I called to tell my mom yesterday and her response was “oh. Well I guess I have to return the stuff I bought. I assumed you were going to have a girl.” Now I’m so disappointed. I am selfishly disappointed that I’m not having a girl because that’s what every one else wanted. I also tried to show her my ultrasound pictures from yesterday and she glanced and them for literally 2 seconds and handed them back. I feel awful. I love her to death and I’m so sad that she didn’t get the grandchild she expected.

It’s a BOY!!

To my Mommy friends of 2+ kids…

How do you keep your sex life afloat with two or more kids?! We only have Mason right now and we are barely having sex once a week. I’m not blaming it all on Mason, so that’s not where I’m going with this. We just revolve our lives around him and working that we don’t seem to have time for each other. My sex drive has also been pretty low for being pregnant. I’m afraid we will barely touch each other after 2 kids.

shoutouts to those low maintenance best friends. the ones who you don’t speak to for months because both of yall are living life but when you catch up it’s nothing but intense love.


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Yeah that’s what I’m saying. Unless there was a SERIOUS medical issue during the first birth, I don’t understand why women are given such a hard time about trying vaginally. I have a close friend of my family who had preeclampsia during her pregnancy and didn’t fully dilate after quite a long time so they have her a C. Now they told her that her next baby is going to have to be delivered by C also. She isn’t even pregnant yet and they aren’t giving her the option to even try a vaginal birth. I just think it’s wrong. She is fine and healthy, didn’t have anything super serious go wrong during labor, so why not?!

And I guess I should clarify

There is NOTHING wrong with having a c-section over a vaginal birth, vice versa. My previous post was about women who WANT to give birth vaginally, but are not even given the option. If you want a second, third, etc. c-section, that’s great. It’s all child birth. I just don’t agree with forcing another one on a mom who wants to try a different way of delivering.

Unless of course there is a serious medical reason.

But she did still have the opportunity to try. I’ve heard so of so many woman recently being told from the very beginning that they can’t even try to give birth vaginally again because they had to have a c-section the first time around for whatever reason. This is mainly talking about women who want to try again, but are told no by their Doctor.

I’ve never understood why “VBAC” is a thing. Like..every birth should be treated differently and it shouldn’t be about allowing someone to try to have a VBAC. Just because a woman had difficulty giving birth vaginally the first time doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the equal chance to try again without it being a huge deal.

Kayla, wife to an awesome husband and Mommy to the sweetest little man. Also expecting baby boy #2 February 2015! Don't ask me about my parenting style because I don't have one. Happy, healthy kids are what I aim for.

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